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Five Places in Richmond with Great Coffee - That aren't Coffee Shops


by Kate Vinnedge


There’s a lot of places in Richmond to grab a cup of coffee. If you’re anything like me, it’s practically a necessity. If you’re a coffee fiend like I am, you already know all about the city’s fantastic coffee shops, and where to grab your favorite cup of joe.

But where’s the good coffee in Richmond, when you’re not in a coffee shop? Well, wonder no more. Here are the five places in Richmond with great coffee - that aren’t coffee shops.

1. Branch and Vine

Located on the corner of Main and Meadow, Branch and Vine is an eclectic mix of eatery, wine bar, and hang out spot. It even has a mini deli for patrons that like to purchase their meats from a local source. The food here is great - try the turkey and jam sandwich when you get the chance. Tea lights hanging from the ceiling punctuate the friendly atmosphere, providing a backdrop for friendly and speedy service.

While coffee isn’t their main thing, it’s in no way an area that they’re lacking in. Branch and Vine  recently switched ownership in 2018, and along with the aesthetic improvements, the coffee has had a serious boost in flavor as well. The serve-yourself style coffee bar is invariably fresh and hot, and Roastology coffee is nothing to scoff at.

2. Garnett’s

Right up Meadow is Garnett’s - a legend in Richmond’s sandwich scene. Nestled in the corner of Park and Meadow, this adorable little restaurant features walls chock full of art you won’t see anywhere else, and the welcoming atmosphere is only enhanced by the delicious food.

I’ve drank a lot of coffee, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of it. This coffee, is hands down, the best in Richmond. Smooth, bold, a perfect mixture of all the coffee buzzwords, packaged by a cup and saucer combo that brings you back to what the 60’s must have felt like. This coffee can only be found here, so if you’re searching for the next great cup, go here. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Union Market

This classic Churchill corner store, located on the quirky, diagonal intersection that is Jefferson and Leigh, Union Market offers and outstanding cup of coffee for a very reasonable price. For those who don’t know, Union Market is the kind of corner store that patrons go to for freshly made sandwiches and other foodstuffs - while their selection of usual corner store fare is excellent, their fresh food is just that good.

And so is the coffee. I’ve spent many a cold day in Churchill, and their coffee has never failed to simultaneously warm me up, and satiate my tastebuds. I’ve found my feet carrying me from Brown’s Isle all the way through downtown and up the hill to get my hands on this coffee.

4. Urban Farmhouse

If you’ve ever been here for breakfast, you know how good Urban Farmhouse’s breakfast sandwiches are - piping hot, flavorful, and all at a good price point. Like every establishment on this list, the atmosphere here is wonderful - it’s almost like a showcase of the perfect cafe. What makes it even better is all the locations; downtown, Scott’s Addition, Rockett’s Landing, Urban Farmhouse is there.

Many a cold morning I’ve gotten my hands on a cup of their coffee, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Every sip is doused with flavor, and paired with one of their delicious breakfast sandwiches, is an absolute delight.

5. Can Can

Last, but definitely not least, is Can Can Brasserie. This is an establishment that needs no introduction - it’s been a staple of the Carytown food scene for as long as almost anyone can remember. Offering a fine selection of French cuisine, you’re guaranteed to never get a bad cup of coffee here. It’s the kind of coffee that doesn’t feel out of place next to a doily, and the delicious aromas mix perfectly with their food.


Kate Vinnedge is the director of content NS804. Beginning her writing career at the Free Lance-Star as a lifestyle journalist covering the music scene in Fredericksburg, Virginia, she studied creative advertising at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she worked at VCU School of Engineering as a public relations specialist before and after receiving her bachelor’s degree. Her hobbies include LEGO, poetry, drawing, and Dungeons & Dragons.


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