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8 New Restaurants in RVA to try


by Kate Vinnedge

There’s a lot of reasons to love Richmond, but despite our awesome festivals, trails, and venues, my favorite thing this city has to offer (and I’m sure a lot of Richmonders would agree) - are the amazing restaurants.

Every foode in this city has their own favorite spot, but sometimes you want to try something new. Luckily, Richmond is never short of new places to palliatively investigate.


NuVegan Cafe

Located on Grace St. just east of Belvidere, NuVegan Cafe is open daily for lunch and dinner, and offers Sunday brunch. Their mission is to redefine the perception of vegan cuisine, and they’re succeeding.

It’s basically soul food, but vegan, and it’s all delicious. Out of all the lasagna I’ve had throughout my life, this was easily the best.


Hang Space

Another new place to grab vegan food, Hang Space is located in Southside, sitting square between Midlothian Turnpike and the Powhite Parkway. This restaurant-plus-event-space serves as both an eatery and hang out spot, and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Their pastries are cute and sweet, their entrees are fulfilling, and the space itself is great for groups large or small.


Don’t Look Back South

When your luck is as bad as DLB’s when it comes to locations burning down, maybe it’s a good idea to have two places to get delicious Mexican cuisine. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, DLB isn’t just known for structure fires - their tacos are my favorite in all of Richmond.

Their new location, DLB South, is located on Forest Hill Avenue, which is great news for Southsiders. Now those late night taco cravings have a second place to be satiated.



Located on Broad Street between the museum district and Scott’s Addition, Perch is one of the most exciting additions to the Richmond culinary scene.

If you looked up “delicious” in a dictionary, Perch would be right next to it. With a new menu of seasonal and fresh plates served daily, this is the kind of dining experience that stays new no matter how many times you come back - and oh boy, you’ll want to.

Perch also offers a Chef’s Table experience, where they’ll create a seven course meal inspired by you and your guest’s tastes’.


Broken Tulip

An edible adventure brought to you by culinary couple David Crabtree-Logan and Sariann Lehrer, Broken Tulip is a unique addition to the already unique offerings of Carytown.

Its menu, like its food, is presented as free-form poetry, with the communal table seating serving as the canvas for a truly unique meal every evening. You’d be surprised at how freeing it feels to be surprised with food you didn’t know you wanted, but can’t get enough of.



Yet another newcomer to Scott’s Addition, Aloi serves contemporary American fare in a relaxed setting. Another seasonally-inspired, locally sourced menu, Aloi serves a perfectly balanced menu with everything you’ve come to expect from Richmond fine (but not uppity) dining.

The cocktails pair perfectly with the food, and together, give you a meal that you’ll remember - and a reason to come back for more.



TABOL brewing isn’t actually a restaurant, but it’s such a great spot I had to include it here. Settled in the Battery Park area of Richmond, TABOL is a small batch brewery and tasting room that host beers made from local yeasts found in Richmond.

All of their beer is fermented in wooden barrels and other storage, and are truly unique tasting brews. If you’re like me, and can’t tell the difference between one IPA or the other, TABOL is the perfect place to surprise your tastebuds with something new.


Tiny Victory

Located on West Broad near Monroe Park, Tiny Victory offers a casual atmosphere spiced up with new-style American and Filipino cuisine, and is open for dinner six days a week. The colorful decorations are made even brighter by the vibrant tastes, drinks, and plates, and the service is guaranteed to make you smile.


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