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5 Last-Minute Richmond Costume Ideas


Every Halloween, you see the same costumes over and over again — your friend Steve is Batman, your neighbor Lisa has an impressive cosplay from a '90s video game, and your roommate Chad forgot that it was Halloween and is now rather underdressed for the occasion.

For the few and the brave, here are some last-minute costume ideas for Richmonders that are sure to liven up any party of ghouls, monsters and drunks.


1. The Ghost of $2 Byrd Theatre Tickets 

One of the most iconic things about Richmond (especially to the budgeting student population) was the remarkably affordable price of a movie ticket at the Byrd Theatre. But with the much-desired seat modifications, the place has been forced to double its ticket price to $4. Now, only the spirit of the $2 ticket legacy remains, and if you’re considering decking yourself out with a human-height-length paper in the shape of one of the classic tickets, then I send a tip of my hat your way.


2. A Chicken Wing on the Sidewalk

This isn’t necessarily something to joke about, as the chicken wings accumulating on the city’s sidewalks are totally a serious issue that Mayor Levar Stoney needs to address. But perhaps one brave Richmonder will dress up as a nearly devoured chicken wing. Although, to get the full effect of the costume on lock, you'll have to stand (or better yet, lie down) on the street for the entire evening. I’m not saying that’s the safest idea, but it’s definitely one of the most innovative, and it gets extra points for raising awareness of the crisis the city is facing.


3. A River Named James

There’s always one person whose entire costume is based around a simple pun. If you have a pal named James who thinks he’s way funnier than he really is, there’s a moderate chance that his Halloween outfit will be a mere T-shirt with a river on it. And the worst part? You’ll be stuck listening to him explain the joke to anyone who dares to asks. Have fun with that.


4. A Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Flagger

The surviving supporters of the Confederacy are a staple on Richmond afternoons, and you can count on them standing outside VMFA waving their flags at people who drive past. It’s almost a tradition on weekends! So why not grab a rebel flag, don a flannel shirt and brown boots, and wave your heritage at partygoers and trick-or-treaters alike? It’s a pretty cheap outfit to pull off, though you’ll have to be creative about finding the flag because Amazon doesn’t sell it. Extra points if you double down on the costume with a friend who'll debate you on the Civil War throughout the night.


5. The Unfinished Structure of a Bus Rapid Transit Station 

This is a fairly intricate idea indeed, but it’s arguably a more pressing issue than the aforementioned chicken wings plaguing our sidewalks. So to anyone out there reading this, we challenge you to walk around as a very odd-looking steel structure, complete with cement bottom. Want to make it a group costume? Convince your friends to be construction workers who tag along and work on you all evening, even though you'll never materialize into the full station. We honestly have no idea how you’d pull this off, but we’d love to meet you if you can. Unfortunately, you’ll probably spend most of your Halloween stuck in traffic on Broad Street thanks to the BRT construction, so our paths will tragically never cross. Oh the irony.

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Photo of "Zombie Kiss" after the 13th Annual Richmond Zombie Walk in Carytown on Saturday, Oct. 28.



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