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10 places in RVA to get work done while you're not at work


by Kate Vinnedge


Sometimes, a day at work seems to slip by after a blink - or in other cases, even the fifth cup of coffee can’t get your brain up to capacity. So, like a lot of people in 2019, you find yourself bringing your work home with you.

Before you turn your living room into your next work space, check out our top 10 places in RVA to get work done while you’re not at work:

RVA Works

If you’re starting your own business, or planning on starting one, you’re definitely on the clock 24/7. RVA Works, located in downtown on Franklin Street, is a collaborative and skill-building meeting space for business founders to learn from industry-honed mentors, build their network, gain investment, and access facilities that give startups a boost above their competition. If you don’t have an office space yet for your startup, but you want to keep your work out of your home, RVA works is perfect for you.


Originally founded as 804 RVA, WORK & FRIENDS recently rebranded this past March. If you do anything that produces something - from graphic design to programming, WORK & FRIENDS is a collaborative space designed to grow your skill base through meet up groups, pitch competitions, hackathons, tech events, demo days, and startup weekends. WORK & FRIENDS provides an amazing collaborative space to catalyze creative thinking - you’re surrounded by other people just as motivated and passionate as you are, and are encouraged to help each other grow and make amazing things.

Capitol Hill and Brown’s Isle

It’s springtime, and as the temperature rises, so to does the need to get out and enjoy the weather. When you want to feel the grass, sit under the shade of a tree, and listen to the birds flutter above - but still need to meet a deadline - Capitol Hill, Brown’s Isle, and Tredegar are your top destinations.

The best part about these outdoor spaces is the juxtaposition of nature sandwiched between cityscape - spaces in flux offer perfect settings for promoting creative thought.

Camden Dogtown Market

Some restaurants are more conducive to getting work done than others - and Camden Dogtown Market walks the line perfectly between hang-out space and relaxing dining experience - you’d feel just as comfortable here ordering a cup of coffee and hunkering down with your laptop as you would ordering a three course dinner.

The atmosphere is a perfect blend of bright and airy natural lighting and energized social atmosphere - great for coming up with ideas.


Coffee, ice cream, outdoor seating, and an atmosphere bursting with creativity, Crossroads is the perfect place for your next away-from-work session - whether it’s meeting with a client or coming up with your next social campaign. If you’re the kind of person who’s energized when surrounded by people, Crossroads will scratch that itch - it’s a bustling place, making it a great setting for fun creative planning sessions.

Forest Hill Park

Right down the road, but sporting completely opposite character, is Forest Hill Park. If you want to get away from the city (without actually leaving the city), Forest Hill Park is the place for you - with open, rolling fields of green grass, tall trees, great walking paths, and an absolutely tranquil lake, the quiet, serene, and large park will provide you those sought-after moments of solitude you need to finish up that project you’ve been stuck on, or solve that problem you can’t seem to find the answer to. Forest Hill Park gives your imagination the space to stretch out and explore possibilities you might not have considered while cramped up in your cubicle.

Union Market and Branch and Vine

Located on opposite ends of town, both of these spaces have great seating options (both outdoor and indoor), great food, and great drinks. Both also have atmospheres conducive to getting work done - they’re energized enough to keep your thoughts from wandering, and peaceful enough to where you can get lost in your work with a pair of headphones on. I’ve spent entire days at both places without realizing how much times had passed - good coffee and tasty sandwiches tend to do that.

Libbie Mill Library

A newly constructed library in the near west end, Libbie Mill Library has everything you need to get work done when you’re not at work. With public computers, a digital media lab with a recording station and editing software, group collaboration areas, meeting rooms, and quite rooms, there’s a space for every working style and the tools necessary to get almost anything done.


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