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EventZingo EZ! Expos are an amazing way to get your business in front of corporate event planners looking for their next group outing. You will be able to directly present your innovative team outing service to executives, administrators and employees. EventZingo EZ! Expos are a lot of fun - from wine tasting to hammock yoga, employees can learn about your activity and will get excited to bring their whole team.

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"The EventZingo Expo at the Suntrust Bank Center was an excellent opportunity to share The Tipsy Sommelier with leaders wanting to book creative events for their teams. I left with dozens of qualified leads. It was a great experience and I am so looking forward to the next EZ expo!"

- Terricinia St. Clair, The Tipsy Sommelier

"We loved the leads we receive from the expos! We are excited to participate in all of the EventZingo expos moving forward."

- Heather and Daraja, PaintNite and PlantNite

"Thank you for putting this all together! You guys are our hero. :)"

- Francesca Carrasco, Francesca’s Spa

"EventZingo sets up amazing events. I never before had been able to spread the word about my new mountain bike touring company to so many corporate folks in such a short time."

- Lorene Davidson, Sacred Rides